LEVO VINEYARD Fall Release 2023

by | Aug 13, 2023 | Vineyard News

Greetings from Levo,

Before we get too deep, it’s time to announce Levo 1.0 -> Levo 2.0 is going live. We have been working towards this transition for a long time. It means, first and foremost, a newly planted 17-acre Estate Vineyard in Paso Robles Willow Creek District – to mostly Grenache, Syrah, and Petite Sirah.  For harvest 2023, Levo will source 80% of our fruit from the Estate. The remaining 20% will come from some phenomenal satellite vineyards – Caliza, Full Draw, G2, and Jack Creek. This means Levo is nearing 100% Willow Creek District fruit which is exciting.  There is plenty more info regarding the vineyard on the new website. We also updated the member dashboard, which will feature exclusive drops, order customization, and much more. Please login and create a password, explore the dashboard, edit your Fall shipment, and update your preferred billing and shipping address and payment information. More than anything, make yourself at home and enjoy!

Below is an excerpt from an old letter I came across –  though I’m not exactly sure who wrote it or when. The handwriting was tough to read and a bit faded, so I did my best to get the correct version on paper. Metaphorically speaking, I thought it gives great perspective into the journey of creating a brand and following a vision. 


My Dearest,  

Arrived at an outpost in the middle of the desert just south of nowhere, and I’m sweating in my doggone boots again. Locals call this territory “No Man’s Land,” but unbeknownst to them, I’ve been residing in this lonely township far too long now. Let’s be clear, ain’t an iota desirable about homesteading, cattle, or crops in this vast landscape, especially when there’s not a thread of shade or drop of water as far as the eyes can squint. High-stepping snakes long as railroad ties, dipping through barbed wire, and dodging odd passersby at night is common form. Shouldering this heat feels like I damn near took Earth’s place in the solar system. In such a season, I reckon it’s best to accept small moments are gonna feel like an eternity. ‘Specially when I know there ain’t nothing on the horizon, and I’ll arrive nowhere again tonight. Gets me all nihilistic, wonderin’ if there’s any purpose to it all. 

I could swear this loneliness and heat make me lose my wits. The worst is when my sense runs off with make-believe – like a spooked horse; it throws me off kilter and liable to get mighty lost or killed in a quick hurry. Out here, it’s awfully easy to drift between what’s real and a dream and start building castles in the sky.  Lately, when I stare into the sun long and hard, I start to make out a lush oasis, flowing pools of cool water, the promise of a long drink under leaves that lackadaisically paint shade on the leafy green floor.   Flowers dance and sport all sorts of colors as splendid as a rainbow. Lots of fruit hangs on native trees and is ripe and elicit to the taste, like forbidden flavors that only Eden could serve up.  

But that nagging heat always brings me down to my dammed existence of dusty boots marching through a familiar backdrop of endless shades of brown and tumbleweeds that bounce like hares here and there.  Says I to myself – Tip down your brim, grit your teeth, put your left foot in front of the right, and get on with it. Blame foolishness. I can’t stop my mind from daydreaming about the oasis. By now, I seen it so many times it’s damn near branded under my eyelids. Most folk’ll say the oasis in the distance is just “Pie in the Sky,” and paradise like that just plain don’t exist.  But I’ve been out here toiling so long, the oasis becomin’ real as the cactus I mosey by daily.  All I know is to press onward, as faith is all I got anymore. Each pace forward is my vow to find an oasis suitable for you, darlin’. By and by, the desolate brown finally faded as I gained on mountainous country. Sure enough, I heard a distant trickle, so I followed it ‘round a wide bend towards a grand plateau.  Right there, the oasis began to unfurl before my eyes. All them daydreams are real, as I suspected. 

Now, all I need is you darlin,


Well said by our man “X”. Indeed, following a dream is akin to stalking a desert mirage – and it seems the vision is as unique as the individual that chases it. Visionaries can see the unseen.  I’ve always been inspired by those with the gravitas to break away from the comfortable to toil in the desert until something tangible is realized. For me, Levo Vineyard is a found oasis. 

We sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support in our journey through the desert up to this point. We know we aren’t curing cancer or sending rocket ships to the moon. Just humble farmers and winemakers with a grand dream that our fermented concoctions bring pleasure and fun to your dinner table. Wines to babble over with dinner guests until you find the bottom of life’s gray areas. For me, I know the more bottles I empty, the more I suspect what I envision will be

Cheers, and all the best from Levo,




2021 was a phenomenal vintage that gave the Central Coast of California a long growing season with moderate weather. Not more than a couple days over 100 degrees which allowed us to hang fruit late into the season and develop soft, supple tannins and rich flavors.  The water deficit gave us small clusters and meager crops, which wasn’t optimal for farmers but greatly increased color and density in the cellar for winemakers. The 2021s are defined by a beautiful tension between intensity and bright acidity. They are a total treat to drink young, but will also age gracefully. 

As you may already know, our “Spot” selections are our highest expression of site and terroir.  In 2021 we couldn’t choose between Larner and Bella Vista, so we opted to make two “Spots.”  These two wines are fun to taste side by side as it highlights the huge impact soil, aspect, and farming differences have on a wine. As the crow flies, both vineyards are just a couple miles apart in the same AVA. Larner is planted on marina sand, which gives it more red fruit flavors that are complemented by electric acidity and dense color. Bella Vista is planted on a steep clay and limestone-covered hillside. The clusters from this site are tiny and create black and blue-hued wines with great minerality and savory, spicy aromatics.  Because of the small yields, both of these wines are very limited in quantity. 

Today we are also offering up the newest rendition of our red blend, “Tearing at the Seams’ from the 2020 vintage. For our Petite Sirah lovers, the wait is over, as this new blend is PS based with a sprinkle of Grenache and Syrah. We held this wine back to age for an additional year in bottle, and it made all the difference. THIS WINE IS DELICIOUS!


2021 Spot – Vineyard Designate

Bella Vista Syrah 

Santa Barbara County

Ballard Canyon AVA

22 Months in 100% New French Oak

Bottled Unfined and Unfiltered


2021 Spot – Vineyard Designate 

Larner Vineyard Syrah

Santa Barbara County

Ballard Canyon AVA 

22 Months in 100% New French Oak

Bottled Unfined unfiltered


2020 Tearing at the Seams

Central Coast Red Blend

Vineyards: Stolpman, Bella Vista, Caliza

16 Months in 33% New French Oak

Bottled Unfined and unfiltered

Blend: 75% Petite Sirah, 15% Syrah, 10% Grenache