Studies suggest that red wine has a lot of health benefits when imbibed in moderation. It can potentially boost heart health, prevent vision loss, and stop inflammation with its antioxidant properties.

If you’re looking to access these benefits, taking red wine recommendations from seasoned professionals at Levo Vineyard is a great idea. Here, we’re going to tell you about some of the best red wines we have to offer. Read on for some tips on how to choose the perfect bottle for your needs.

Grenache Levo Vineyard Wines

Grenache is a highly respectable red grape variety that deserves more attention. It frequently comes from Europe, specifically areas of France and Spain. The Rhône Valley is a key producer of grenache wine.

However, Levo Vineyard wines are grown in Levo, Jack Creek, Fulldraw, and Spanish Springs. This means that they’re fresh and domestically grown for a unique and characteristic flavor.

Our 2022 WARM REGARDS Grenache wine is a blend. It features a 76% concentration of grenache and 12% Petite Sirah. The remainder is made from Syrah, Mourvedre, Clairette Blanca, and even Graciano.

These combined grape varietals give our grenache wine a unique and complex flavor. Its full-bodied flavor is both fresh and pure as well as fine and vivid.

You can expect fruit flavors like rich strawberry, raspberry, and cherry from grenache wines. It’s moderately acidic and has balanced tannins for a smooth palette. This is all rounded out by notes of cinnamon, oregano, lavender, and other natural earthy flavors.

When to Choose Grenache Wine

Grenache Warm Regards wine is ideal for those who want a bright, full-bodied flavor. It’s both dry and sweet, which distinguishes it from bitterer dry varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon. If you want something medium to full-bodied but with some candied notes, this is a great option.

If you’re enthusiastic about food-wine pairings, grenache goes with lighter meats and fish. This is because of the cinnamon spice and earthy notes in the wine. Turkey and duck are great pairings because of their light and simple flavor, but a tuna steak or seared salmon also works wonders.

Cheese-wise, you don’t want something too strong to go with your grenache red wines. A mild to medium-sharp cheddar still lets you taste the sharp spice in the wine without overpowering it. Gouda and manchego are also simple, hard cheeses to consider.

Syrah Red Wine Recommendations

Syrah is another grape varietal frequently cultivated in the Northern Rhône in France. However, this is far from the only place you can enjoy Syrah from. Our 2016 DREAMCRXSHER Syrah is cultivated in vineyards in Duvarita, Slide Hill, Kimsey, and White Hawk.

Like Grenache, Syrah wines play a part in composing many rosés. However, it’s pretty much exclusively a red wine variety because of the tannins and phenolic compounds. Not to mention the thick grape skins that lend well to quality maceration and fermentation!

The top red wines of this variety are extremely pure. We offer bottles that are 100% Syrah with no other blended reds.

It’s allowed to absorb the flavors of the vessels it sits in well, including 87% New French Oak and 13% Neutral French Oak.

Another recommendation for our expert wine guide is our 2022 WARM REGARDS Syrah. Its 84% Syrah composition also goes with 13% Petite Sirah, 2% Grenache, and 1% Granacio. This, in combination with the oak barrels it ages in, makes for a complex one-of-a-kind flavor!

Who Should Choose Syrah?

Levo Vineyard wine’s main Syrah flavor palette consists of raspberry, smoke, pepper, and olives. Some varieties also taste of mixed mountain berries and plums. Basically, fruits on the darker end of the spectrum are popular tasting notes for Syrah wines.

These fruity flavors and spices tend to go well with grilled red meats. Burgers and ribs are ideal, but grilled sausages are also a great option. If you’re a vegetarian or want something a little different, it’s also awesome with grilled portabella mushrooms or seasoned grilled eggplant.

Petit Sirah

Contrary to popular belief, Petite Sirah isn’t the same thing as Syrah red wine. It’s not a smaller or more subdued variety. It’s a bold and flavorful wine in its own right.

It’s a powerful wine with a lot of rich red fruit and spice notes. The varietal it uses is the same as France’s Durif grape variety, which first came into being by crossing Syrah grapes with Peloursin, a local varietal.

Our 2016 DREAMCRXSHER Petite Sirah is a blend. It’s made from 78% Petite Sirah, but there’s also 19% Syrah and 3% Viognier in there. Grown at our Stolpman, White Hawk, and Kimsey vineyards, you can enjoy it aged in a 33% New French Oak vessel.

To purchase this wine and most others in our collections, you’ll need to become a member of our Levo Vineyard shop. This is an easy process that only takes a few minutes, and you can access Petit Sirah and several other luxurious full-bodied wines instantly.

Are These Varieties the Top Red Wines for Drinkers?

Our delightfully strong Petit Sirah wine is made with black and blue fruit. Some tasting notes might include plum, blackberry, raspberry, and cherry. Since it’s aged in New Oak at the vineyard, it also will have some sweet spice notes including cinnamon and clove.

Tobacco and tar notes add to this complexity, especially because of the fresh and acidic flavors it boasts!

Like Syrah, Petit Sirah goes well with red meat dishes. It has a lot of tannins, and the sharp spices bring out the bold and rich flavors of roasted beef or barbecued pork. Make sure that you use a sauce that’s light as well as flavorful so you don’t overpower the wine.

If you’re a fan of stronger cheeses like brie, this is the wine you’ll want to pair with it. Its sweetness and smooth texture bring out the rich softness of brie.

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Now that you know some of the best red wines available from Levo Vineyard, it’s time to begin choosing the perfect drinks for your next dinner party or night in.

Our 17-acre California vineyard grows the finest grape varietals, and our distinctive wines are bold and flavorful. If you’re interested in complex wine options and pairings, create an account on our website to learn more and begin shopping for high-quality member-only wine bottles.