How to Make the Most of Being a Wine Club Member

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Wine Membership

Wine is the second-most popular alcoholic beverage in the US. 31% of Americans report that wine is their drink of choice. Beer has more fans but only marginally so, with 35% of drinkers saying they prefer the beverage.

If you love wine, you should consider becoming a wine club member. These memberships grant you access to direct shipments of exclusive wines from the best vintners in the country.

When you sign up for a membership, you can choose the types of wine you prefer and how often you want to receive shipments. You can also customize the number of bottles you receive per shipment.

Why else should you consider signing up for a wine club, and how can you make the most out of your membership? We’ll answer these questions and more in our guide, so keep reading.

The Benefits of Being a Wine Club Member

Levo is not the only company offering wine club memberships yet; we offer benefits that you just can’t access through other offerings.

What benefits are we talking about? Here are the four most important ones you need to know.

Access Exclusive Wines

The bottles on the shelves of your local liquor store typically only represent a fraction of the wine options on the market. For example, think about the products you get access to on wine-tasting tours; you may not find those limited products elsewhere.

With a wine club membership, you can access wines that are not available to the general public. Our membership offers exclusive access to one-of-a-kind small lot bottles and other members-only wines. Members can also access certain wines before they are available in retail stores, such as library wines. Library wines are sold-out vintages re-released after their original debut.

Direct Shipment

Wine club memberships are convenient for people with busy lifestyles. Subscriptions allow you the ability to “set it and forget it” and get exclusive new wines shipped straight to you on a regular basis.

In some states, you can have alcohol shipped to your doorstep without a wine club membership. Depending on the current direct-to-consumer licensing requirements and compliance rules for wineries in your state, grocery stores and wine shops may offer direct shipping. However, not all states allow retailers to use this type of business model.

Wineries like Levo currently hold an open permit to ship wines directly to consumers. There are only a handful of states where you cannot purchase directly from a winery. This means you can get the Levo California wines you love no matter where you are located.

Complimentary Benefits

Some wine memberships only come with wine and discounts.  While that may be enough for some shoppers who are simply looking for cheaper wine, the best clubs also offer additional perks for their members. When you join our club, you not only get access to exclusive bottles and VIP discounts, but we also offer our members annual complimentary tastings at our Paso Robles winery in California.

Join us for 45-minute tastings in our Tasting Room or on our pet-friendly patio. You can try our current releases and pick up your monthly wine subscription from our store.

The Highest Quality Wines

Levo does not have an annual case production. Only the best barrels in the cellar make it to bottle. Whatever doesn’t make the cut is not included in the final blends. 

Owner and expert winemaker, Bret Urness, specializes in only the finest Rhone varietals that offer a rich, powerful, uplifting experience. With each bottle you purchase from Levo, you can rest assured each barrel is handpicked and focuses on quality over quantity.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Wine Club Membership

If you want to get the most out of your membership, here are our top two tips.

Buy More When You Find a Wine You Like

The goal of our wine club is not to replace buying wine; instead, we want to introduce you to wines you will love. You can then use your complimentary discount to pick up more from our online store.

We offer progressive complimentary discounts for our membership tiers. Get at least 10% off any bottle of wine you buy through our online shop or at our winery in Paso Robles, California. 

Take Advantage of All the Perks

One of the biggest reasons wine club members don’t get the most out of their membership is that they do not take advantage of all the perks. Our Levo wine club membership comes with the following advantages:

  • Discounts on bottles of wine purchased separately from your subscription
  • Complimentary tastings per year
  • Access to member exclusives and library wines

Our winery is a must-visit, with our tasting room in Paso Robles being home to more than 200 family-owned wineries in the heart of California Wine Country. 

Get Exclusive Levo Wines Shipped to Your Doorstep

Being a wine club member allows the opportunity for exclusive access to expertly vetted high-quality blends. Are you dying to try our exclusive wines for yourself? 

Join us for a tasting at our winery in Paso Robles wine country, or sign up for one of our three membership options to get Levo wine shipped directly to your doorstep.