Limited Release – Final Cases of 2017 E99 White No 2

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Vineyard News, Wine

Dear Wine Lovers,

The 2017 E99 White No 2 is a wine built by the sum of its parts, rather than showcasing a single varietal or vineyard. Simply put, it is a wine crafted based on huge contrast. The colossal richness of Roussanne, like olive oil and honey coating your mouth, blended with the electric lemon verve of coastal Chardonnay, and then the saline, briny notes of Grenache Blanc, this summer white really hits on all cylinders.

At the conclusion of harvest 2017, when the dust settled, the equipment was cleaned, and barrels were topped and safely resting in the winery, we found ourselves with a microscopic three barrels of white wine in our cellar. After double checking, and triple checking… three total barrels!!! This wine we are offering you today is a blend those lone survivors.41% of this white nectar comes from Biodynamically farmed Duvarita vineyard where we purchased only a few rows of Chardonnay, located just west of Santa Rita HiIls AVA. The cold marine layer and sandy soils make this an absolutely electric Chardonnay, full of acid and freshness. This Chardonnay aged in a once used Puncheon for 8 months.41% of this blend is Roussanne from the famed Stolpman Vineyard, in Ballard Canyon. We pressed these perfectly ripe, golden grapes very gently into one, brand new French Oak Puncheon where the juice slowly fermented and extracted the rich flavors of new French oak for 8 months. On its own, the Roussanne is comparable to dessert, it has almost an olive oil texture on the pallet, full of honeysuckle, jasmine, and floral notes. Then, finally, 18% Grenache Blanc from Thompson Vineyards, aged in a single stainless steel barrel, which brings tremendous minerality, saline, briny qualities that add lick and acid to this wine’s finish. We blended all these components together via gravity one week prior to bottling, March of 2018.

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Thank you for your support in our small wine brand. Without our fabulous club members, we would not exist. We keep that notion top of mind at every turn in the cellar, and out in the vineyards. We want to make you all the very best juice we can. Every time. I hope your summer is off to a sunny start.