Why You Should Purchase a Wine Subscription

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Wine Membership

Wine continues to be a staple beverage among American adults. Last year, the wine industry was worth over $306 million. But does everyone enjoy going to wine tastings or enjoying a glass of exquisite cabernet sauvignon at a five-star restaurant? Some people would instead enjoy their wine in the comfort of their homes with family and friends.

While you can always go to the local store and pick up wine, subscription boxes are a convenient way to get your favorite items and try new things. And good news for wine aficionados! There are wine subscription options on the market. But why should you consider a wine subscription?

What Is a Wine Subscription?

First, what is a wine club? Wine subscriptions are programs where a company or winery sends you bottles of wine. The terms vary by company; some offer annual, bi-yearly, quarterly, or monthly subscriptions. Exquisite wineries will hand-pick the bottles you receive each month, so you can be sure you’re drinking high-quality wines.

Because of its popularity, there are wine clubs catering to a niche (such as regional wine), specialty wines, and even certain wineries.

Why You Should Join a Wine Club

Are you a fan of wine but are on the fence about buying a wine subscription? Here are some benefits you may experience.

Saves Time

The average American works nearly 40 hours a week. If you’re not spending time at work, you’re spending whatever precious time you have with family and loved ones.

Running to the local wine store doesn’t seem like it would take that much time, but those minutes add up. Plus, you may enjoy trying new wines and spend a lot of time looking through the different options that the store offers.

Subscribing to a wine service will take the effort off of your shoulders. Your wine will appear at your doorstep every month. All you have to do is open that bottle of pinot noir with your favorite people!

Expert Choices

Even though we all have wine preferences, don’t we love expert recommendations? There’s no need to wait for a local wine tasting to get expert picks; all you have to do is sign up for a wine subscription. Plus, you can still discover new wine styles and brands.

Wine subscriptions are also an excellent option for beginners who may not know what to look for. To gain wine knowledge, you’ll have to attend lots of tastings, conduct research, and try the various wine styles out there. Subscribing to a wine box is more convenient since an expert chooses the wine for you.


Every wine club membership offers various subscription packages to choose from. You can choose the number of bottles you want and how often you receive them.

Most wine clubs sell their subscription in a package; for example, you can receive a certain number of bottles annually or bi-annually. These packages come at different price points and offer extra perks, so it’s worth it to read the details of these plans and get the one that’s best for you.

Access to Limited Releases and Rare Wines

If your favorite winery released a small-scale wine, it can be challenging to get your hands on this product. But with the popularity of wine delivery services, these wineries may sell a batch to different subscription services. This is also true if your favorite winery has a subscription; they may offer perks to wine club members, such as accessing their limited edition wines.

Even if the bottle isn’t a limited edition product, you may still access smaller wineries that may not be available in your region. It’s easier for small wineries to partner with a subscription service or a larger winery than ship products to you. This way, you’re still drinking a rare wine.

You Can Save Money on Wine

One of the biggest perks of wine clubs is that you can access high-quality wine at a low price. The secret lies in the package deal. Let’s say your wine club subscription costs $160, and you get three bottles of wine. If a bottle of wine costs $60+, you’re saving a lot of money. 

Wine Clubs Are Like a Gift

We all know the feeling of opening our presents during the holidays. Adults tend to lose that excitement. With a wine subscription, your packages will be more like gifts. While some wine clubs let you select the wines you’ll receive, not every wine club will tell you which bottles they included. The surprise and anticipation will make the experience joyous.

For some, wine clubs also helped them rediscover their love of wine. When one becomes involved in the wine community, one develops preferences for certain brands and styles of wine. Getting a wine subscription box will bring back the excitement of exploring high-quality wine.

Can Host Wine Parties

If you love wine tastings, why not host your own? Instead of going out and finding different bottles of wine, you can save the bottles you get from the subscription boxes to host your wine tastings.

Since you save money on wine by signing up for a wine subscription, you can spend fewer bucks on your wine-tasting party. Invite your family members and closest friends to host an unforgettable wine party.

Are You Looking for a Wine Subscription?

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