Everything You Need to Know About Wine Club Memberships

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Wine Membership

Sixty percent of Americans drink alcoholic beverages, and over half of them are wine drinkers.

Tasting at wineries is a popular way to pass the time, as are days at the vineyard complete with entertainment. Individuals love the way wine helps them unwind and helps them taste their food better. It’s also the perfect accompaniment to socializing.

Yet what should wine drinks know about wine club memberships? Are the benefits worth the money you’ll save and the perks you’ll earn?

Here’s what you need to know before joining a wine club. 

There are Different Types of Wine Clubs

Before joining a wine club, you should know that there is more than one type available. For example, some wineries have a service you can subscribe to.

Winery clubs will give you access to new blends before they are available to the public. You may also get discounts on your purchases and private wine tastings. If there is a particular winery you are always purchasing bottles from, this may be a good option for you. 

Wine-of-the-month clubs are also common memberships. These allow you to try a different wine type each month, or you may specify your favorite. For example, you may prefer Chardonnay or Reisling and enjoy sampling bottles from different regions.

In addition, local wine clubs are popular. These deliver wines regularly and also give you access to exclusive options. Again, you may be able to specify the types of bottles you are most interested in.

Know Wine Club Costs

Before signing up for a wine club, you’ll want to know exactly what your financial obligations will be, as well as whether or not you can work them into your budget. For example, some clubs will charge a monthly fee. Others will require you to purchase a certain number of bottles each year.

Make sure you’re well aware of things like shipping costs, as well as what you’ll be getting with each delivery. Some wine clubs will offer free tastings or discounts that could make your membership worth it if you purchase wine often for entertainment or relaxation.

If you’re joining a winery club, you may also be able to get discounts on or exclusive access to winery events. These could include things like live music performances, winemaking tours, or paint-and-sip nights. 

However, you’ll need to carefully consider what you plan on spending. Make sure you aren’t making a financial commitment you can’t keep.

Find Out About Introductory Offers and Auto Renewals

Some wine clubs will offer attractive introductory offers that provide several bottles of wine for a low price. However, it may require that you sign up for subsequent shipments that are not as great a deal. 

You’ll also need to be aware of auto-renewals. Your credit card could continue to get charged even if you aren’t happy with the service, so make sure you know how and when you can cancel.

Customer Service

If you’re going to be paying a premium for your wine club service, you’ll want to know that the company is working hard to keep its customers happy. Your wine deliveries may require you to get in touch with the company’s staff and could include problems such as missing or wrong bottles.

Talk to your wine club about how you can contact them if you need to make a change in your shipment or payment information. The right company will have someone ready and willing to make any alterations you require.

Choosing the Right Membership

With so many options out there, it’s important to choose a wine club membership you’ll be happy with for months or years to come. 

As with any purchase, you’ll want to ask yourself how often you’ll use it first. For example, if you’re going to be required to purchase twelve new bottles each year, will you drink them? If not, will you be bringing them to others’ homes when you visit?

You may have a winery that you love to visit regularly because of the way they craft their wines or because their events are right up your alley. In this case, exclusive access to new labels or discounts on attendance could make your membership a hit. You’ll also want to consider what current wine club members are saying.

Take the time to read reviews of the wine club online. Do many cardholders say that they are pleased with the selection of wines they are being sent? Are they being provided with the type of service that an exclusive member deserves?

Don’t be afraid to ask for references before you sign up. Call these individuals and find out about their experiences.

Are there any complaints about orders gone wrong or broken bottles? If so, how did the company remedy this?

If you’re new to wine clubs, it may be smart to choose a less expensive or lower-commitment membership first. For example, you may only want to join for a few months. 

Once you’ve figured out which wine types you’re drinking the most or which events you like having access to, you can get ready for a bigger commitment. It’s important that your wine club is enhancing your life in the way you’d like it to. 

The Finest Wine Club Memberships

If you’re thinking about joining a wine club, you’re not alone. Wine club memberships offer exclusive experiences, excellent wines, and complimentary tastings. With a little research, you could be on your way toward wine club satisfaction in no time.

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